About Us

SA Medical Specialists & Health Practitioners are a Web Design and Development Company based in Cape Town. We own an extensive online medical directory which boasts between 50 000 and 60 000 visitors every month, and build stand-alone medical websites for a range of reputable professionals in the industry. As the only company of our kind in the country, we have a unique, unrivalled insight into the online medical field.

Our team specialises in building professional websites for a broad range of medical specialists all over the country. Each website reflects the individual specialist’s unique brand and practice philosophy. We have designed and developed over 80 websites for medical professionals and have been in the web design and development industry since 1994. We started out with our own medical directory website and have since branched out into developing websites specifically for medical specialists.

Besides web design and development, we provide an extensive range of additional services, including domain registration, website hosting, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and online marketing. We also provide professional graphic design services for medical specialists looking for high-quality marketing materials, as well as other branding requirements, both digital and printed.

Whether you are a well-established medical practice, or just starting out in the industry, our affordable website hosting solutions are structured to cater for your unique needs. We know that it is important for your website to be online at all times and it is essential that your visitors experience fast loading times. It is also important that your website is able to load quickly on multiple platforms, as people are starting to search online from mobile devices more and more. We offer medical specialists a range of packages, which allows for considerable growth in clients, online presence and profits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our different package options, and to chat to us about making your site compatible on a range of platforms.

Feel free to continue to the products and services we offer, view our portfolio and read testimonials from our happy clients.


SA Medical Specialists & Health Practitioners Directory is an interactive online health directory featuring medical doctors in all fields of expertise including health clinics, hospitals and medical institutions.

Potential patients can find relevant medical specialists, information and services on their specific needs from appropriate experts or obtain a second opinion.

General practitioners and referring professionals can find suitable medical specialists to refer their patients to, thus also facilitating a symbiotic platform for doctor and patient relationships.

Medical doctors and health care professionals can apply online to receive your own unique web page, introducing your speciality, your practice and your services to the World Wide Web.

SA Medical Specialists & Health Practitioners are a Web Design and Development Company based in Cape Town, associated with Personalised Promotions, who have been providing innovative marketing for businesses since 1994. Besides from SA Medical Specialist Directory, we are specialised in designing and developing medical websites for a range of reputable professionals in the industry. We understand that web design requires an online digital strategy to plan, develop, host and market your medical website. Contact SA Medical Specialists for further information.