Social Media

With over a billion people using social media today, no business can afford to overlook the power of this marketing tool. While some medical fields can benefit from this marketing platform, social media isn’t the place for all medical professionals. When it comes to social media, our team at SA Medical Specialists Website Design take a personalised approach to determine whether or not your speciality could benefit from social media and how it could be best approached.

What do we do?

If we feel that your niche could do well on social media, our team will be able to tell you exactly why we think so and how best we can approach marketing on social media. Our team manages, grows and optimises the social media presence of businesses. We can also design social media profiles from scratch – an ideal option for medical practitioners who are brand new to the world of social media and online marketing.

How do we do it?

We pride ourselves on our ability to grow and optimise Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for our clients by adding real value to their platforms and connecting with their customers and networking with other professionals in their field. Constant, relevant interaction with fans and followers is key to an effective media marketing campaign.

What services do we provide?

Managing Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, post related information to increase your likes and followers, and staying up to date with the latest social media trends is a full-time job. Our team can manage your social media efforts on your behalf. We can help with the following services:

  • Posting regular updates to your social media profiles
  • Increasing your likes and followers base on various social media platforms
  • Engaging your social media followers
  • Managing your social media marketing campaigns
  • Running promotions for your brand with the use of social media pages
  • Designing your social media profile pages, including timeline images and promotional pages to effectively match your particular brand’s image

We understand that every professional’s needs, budget and expectations are unique. We work with a broad range of medical specialists around the country, allowing them to grow and improve their personal online brand. We specialise in developing websites and social media strategies that are both functional, and in-line with a particular brand. We are able to optimise, manage and grow social media pages so that they become one of your brand’s most popular marketing assets.