Online Marketing

Our team specialises in online marketing for a wide range of medical specialists throughout the country. We pride ourselves on our ability to create high-quality, functional websites and ensure that each medical practice gets the online presence it needs.

Why is online marketing important?

Our online marketing services ensure that your medical practice has the best online exposure possible. With our assistance, your practice is more likely to appear in online search results and will be exposed to a broader range of potential clients. The combination of a well-designed website and a solid online marketing strategy will allow you to develop and grow your business effectively.

What are the different types of online marketing?

There are a number of types of online marketing, including:

  1. Blog
    This type of website is regularly updated and is written in a conversational style to engage with readers. New material can be added often to keep it up-to-date and relevant.
  1. SEO
    SEO allows search engines to effectively index content and ensures that your website is easy to find online. Proper search engine optimisation helps to effectively promote your brand online.
  1. Social Media
    Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  These platforms add real value to customers and are an ideal medium with which to interact with fans and followers, as well as to share new, relevant content. With that being said, social media isn’t for everyone and we will be able to advise you if your niche could benefit from this marketing tool.
  1. Ads
    Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) form of marketing service provided by Google which allows you to create adverts that are listed first on the search engine results related to your niche. Google Ad campaigns are highly effective in widening a business’ audience.
  1. Online Directories
    These websites offer information about businesses and individuals, and are a very useful way to improve your company’s visibility. They allow patients to find your information more easily, and can be useful in growing your client base. We own our own extensive online medical directory, SA Medical Specialists Directory, which boasts between 50 000 and 60 000 visitors every month.