Website Reporting

From a marketing point of view, websites are pointless if you don’t know what is happening on them, how they are performing and whether or not you are actually getting business from the website. That’s why at SA Medical Specialists, we supply our clients with the insight and knowledge to see and understand what’s happening on their websites and where their business is coming from. We want you to know why your website was a worth-while investment and how it is drawing more patients and clients through your doors.

What is website reporting?

We track our websites via Google Analytics, which is a service that allows us to track and report on your website’s traffic.

How does it work?

Once your website is built we add tracking to the site so that we can monitor activity and traffic. This is key for you to see how many people are coming to your website and which pages they are visiting. We can also monitor if anything happens to your website, and if any issues occur that we can rectify them.

Why is website reporting so important?

It is essential that we track the visibility of your website online to know that our efforts aren’t going to waste and we are obtaining the metrics we know your website is capable of.

We provide our clients with both desktop and mobile user reports that provide the following information:

  • Tracks users
  • Tracks phrases being used
  • Tracks the countries users are coming from
  • Tracks which pages are being visited

Website reporting services will allow you to constantly monitor your progress and make any necessary improvements.

How often should website reporting be conducted?

Once a month our client receives two types of reports (desktop and mobile devices) that we generate from Google. This provides a breakdown of what has happened to the website during the month.

Once a year we review all our websites to see if the functionality, SEO and security are up to date. If we believe anything needs to be improved, we will inform and suggest necessary changes to our client.

This will allow you to take the guess work out of your website when it comes to making important decisions about your website.