Search Engine Research

Our team conducts search engine research specifically aimed at optimising websites for a broad range of medical specialists in South Africa. We make sure that your online presence reaches its full potential so that your business can be easily found with search engine results.

What is search engine research?

Our search engine research is done through a four step process to gain research into keywords that may be embedded into your websites content, to enhance your listing on results on search engines like Google.

The keyword research process works in the following way:

  1. We ask you as the client for a detailed list of your services or procedures.
  2. We conduct key phrase research from a tool provided to us from Google. This provides us with a list of phrases that were commonly searched for about the specific services you offer, within the last 12 months.
  3. You as the client then checks the list that we compile to ensure that the phrases are correct and relevant top your services and field.
  4. The key phrases are then written into the content of the website, which will enable us to position your site on Google in order for the site to be easily found. This is key with the ranking of your website and making your site search engine friendly.

Why is search engine research important?

As more and more people use the Internet to search for products and services, it has become increasingly important for medical specialists to have an online presence. If your potential patients are searching for particular phrases, you want to ensure that they are in your content so that they can find your website via those phrases.

Search engine research is a vital component to the optimization of your website for search engines. To find out what the most searched for words and phrases are, we conduct research based off actual searches done in the past 12 months on the internet. Without doing search engine research, we would be taking random guesses as to what key phrases are related to your speciality.

Following search engine research, the key phrases will also be inserted within the Meta tags of the code to ensure that the SEO follows throughout each page on your website.

It is essential that your website provides the best possible service to your patients and this includes having all the information they need readily available to them. A well designed website will ensure that they are able to find what they need, and very importantly, that they are able to contact you with ease.

While medical websites need to look good, they also need to provide all the necessary information to potential and current patients in an accessible way. Our team specialises in providing medical specialists with the website design, as well as the professional copywriting, marketing and search engine research that they need.