Looking back, I can honestly say that the turning point when my business became successful and met my expectations was when SA Medical Specialists designed my website and marketed my practice online. The design team managed to create the look and feel of a website that is professional as well as warm and enticing. Once my website was up and running my business increased by over 60 percent, all due to online exposure. Most importantly their search engine optimization ensures that my website comes up in the top three hits on any search. My business would not be what it is today without them. HR Dots

Dr Jason Crane - Orthopaedic Surgeon


I am impressed by the quality and efficiency of the various products offered by SA Medical Specialists and Personal Promotions. From my website design to making me easy to find on the internet - every component has been covered, and I am enjoying the results and added "visibilty" of my practice. Thank you. HR Dots

Dr Tim Perks - Plastic Surgeon


Lynell keeps in touch and informs of any enquiry or requests promptly and professionally giving the directory a much more personal feel. Brilliant work at SA Medical Specialists! HR Dots

Sherona Rawat - Clinical Psychologist


I wanted to write to you directly and express my gratitude for all your hard work and attention to detail on the website construction. Like any project - you're never really sure when it’s done, and it may never be, but I'm really happy with result we have today and look forward to tweaking it over time.
I cannot remember working with a team that so quickly and effectively responded to changes, requests and information. You guys are true professionals who have a client-centric approach to the work you do. I wish you all the success you deserve.
Thank you for a really great web-building experience. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team. HR Dots

Dr David Roytowski


I am delighted by how quick and effective my website was made to appear high up on the on search engine hit lists when searching different keywords on my site. It was set up in simple and user friendly manor. I appreciate the willingness of your staff to see to it that my requests regarding the working of my site was met. Furthermore I feel your tariffs and terms are reasonable and would certainly recommend SA Medical Specialists to my colleagues. HR Dots

Dr Stadler Kirsten - Orthopaedic Surgeon


Lynell introduced me to SA Medical Specialists and the service they offer to professional people in the medical field. I am very impressed with the service they deliver and the network they provide for us professionals to contact and use each other's services. HR Dots

Suzette Heath - Clinical Psychologist

Thank you very much for your most efficient and expert service in creating my Website. Your highly professional staff have created a very professional website for me. All communication has been very prompt and efficient. As a result of you fulfilling your promise to be on the first page of Google, I now have at least 30% of my patients being referred directly via the website which you created. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Dr Steve Carter HR Dots

Dr Steve Carter


I regularly check where the website features on Google. For quite a number of catchwords it is to be found amongst the top five entries on the first page of Google. That is a great accomplishment! My practice has indeed benefited from the exposure that my website has given me. It is a very neat website and looks very professional. I can wholeheartedly recommend your expertise and friendly service. HR Dots

Dr Aldelbert Scholtz - Counselling Psychologist


I have found SA Medical Specialists health directory to be one of the best sites for patients to source the top health professionals in SA. The SA Medical Specialists’ team provide efficient, professional, personal service and it is a pleasure to advertise with them. I highly recommend SA Medical Specialists to other medical professionals. HR Dots

Michelle Bennett - Registered Psychologist

SA Medical Specialists is an excellent reference site for finding specialists in South Africa. HR Dots

Dr Graham Stapleton - HPB Surgeon


Thank you Lynell. I must say, it has been wonderful coming up on the first page when googling counselling in Blouberg. Whatever you do, please keep it that way! HR Dots

Heidi Van Der Merwe - Registered Counsellor

I am impressed with the effectiveness of the website that you have built up for me. It has been hardly three months that it has been up and running and my exposure has grown and created lots of interest. The staff that assisted me in building my site were helpful and had great ideas. I have already recommended you to several colleagues. HR Dots

Dr Alain Sanua - Homeopath


My experience with SA Medical Specialists is that they respond immediately if you need to add or change any of your information on their website. HR Dots

Dr Sharon Truter - Neuropsychologysa


Lynell du Preez SA Medical Specialists Social Media Optimization. HR Dots

Brenda Leemans - Registered Counsellor

I must say that I didn’t have lot of referrals from your website until recently. However since the beginning of this year it has changed drastically and I have had several good referrals in the last few months. Therefore, I would like to continue indeed. HR Dots

Dr Sulaiman Heylen - MD Specialist in Reproductive Medicine


Lynell pays attention to detail with good follow up I.R.O service. HR Dots

Thane Munting - Orthopaedic Surgeon

SA Medical Specialists, which I believe is one of the most valuable partnerships we have established as a School of Pharmacy in a really long time. I would like to see this continue. HR Dots

Dr Wolmarans De Wet - North West University

It is great to have information at your fingertips. SA Medical Specialists is always on top of the newest research and is not shy to ask for help. HR Dots

Susan Badenhorst - Occupational Therapist

Lynell ensures seamless contact between potential patients and my practice, with great follow-up. She endeavours to provide me with web-based marketing and support that has assisted in growing my practice. HR Dots

Natalie Buttress - Audiologist

Recently I have requested SA Medical Specialists to create a website for my aesthetic practices. Before I made my decision of using their service I have researched other options but I was impressed with their skills in creating websites for medical professionals. From the start I was not disappointed. The communication and cooperation was great. All my requests and concerns were answered and if needed incorporated. Their professionalism never stopped to impress me. My website looks exactly the way I did imagine. Even though it is live for a very short time I was reassured that it was built to the best standards therefore it will broaden the exposure of my practices and open opportunities to receive new patients interested in aesthetic medicine. I would highly recommend the service of SA Medical Specialists. Excellent value for money! HR Dots

Dr Krystyna Pharaoh


The service of the team at the medical directory of SA Medical Specialists is absolutely excellent, efficient and makes a difference to any health practitioner's marketing for their practice. 5 out of 5 stars for them. Thank you, much appreciated and recommended. MANY CLIENTS CONDUCT ME THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE AND I CAN FEEL MY PRACTICE IMPROVE CONSIDERABLY. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. HR Dots

Carin Olwagen


I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for all the work and creativity that has gone into our latest website. The team is completely professional and incredibly patient. I want you to know that through what you have created, many people who suffer can be helped and served and that is all that matters. So I will continue to highly recommend you and your team in the future. With appreciation and warmth, Mandy. HR Dots

Mandy Johnson - Mindfulness Based Approach in Recovery