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April 21, 2015
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March 10, 2016

Is you website featuring well on Google? Did you build a website but it doesn’t feature anywhere on Google?

Your website is maybe lacking the following:

  • Responsive (You website needs to be responsive to all screen sizes for any device)
  • User friendly design (Your website must not only look good but it needs to be easy to use. People will become frustrated if they cant find what they need and they will leave your website for one of your competitors)
  • Top key phrases included in the content for the services you offer (If people are looking for your services your website will appear)
  • Content, Content, Content (The more the content the better for Google. Just remember to include those very import key phrases otherwise your content is pointless)
  • SEO (You website needs to have the latest Search Engine Optimization standards set by Google)
  • Regular Website Updates (Make sure you update your website regularly, so that Google recognises your website as a relevant update to date source of information.  Google will reward you in return)
  • Google Analytics (If you website tracked by Google? This is the best way to see if your website is doing well of not)
  • Blog (Each Blog post picks up as a new page on your website, the more post = more pages. If you blog twice a week for a year that’s 104 news pages in a year!)
  • Social Media (Your website needs to be link to all your social media platforms. If you dont have any social media account then you need to setup one today!)

Is These are just some of the very important tips to achieve a successful website.

Is To find out more tips or if you would like us to do a FREE SEO analysis of your website, please contact us today.